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Every writer can attest to the vacuum of space and time that we fall into when we zone out on a five thousand word writing spree. Sometimes it’s very easy to forget to eat.

In my post-apocalyptic and dystopian novels, I try to ambiguate traditional notions of what we should eat. Specifically, to what degree we should question eating bodies if it’s unnecessary for survival any longer. This comes up in The Rain TrilogyBlack Hulland a little bit in Wipe. I add this layer of confusion because I think it’s important for my characters to question what traditions bind us to our worldviews, and often those worldviews include perceptions about what socially acceptable food should to be.

After four years as a vegan, I’ve tasted some pretty good (and pretty awful) vegan substitute foods. My list focuses on vegan meats and cheeses. Thankfully, if you’re new to trying processed vegan food now, many of the products have drastically improved in just the last few years. Hopefully, this post of my 5 favorite vegan substitute foods will get you trying something new in your diet, and discovering that some of the substitute vegan foods can taste as good (or better) than the real thing.


 1. Field Roast Cheeses


These slices are among the best out there right now, and just edge out Follow Your Heart cheeses for me. They melt like the real thing, and taste scrumtrulescent.


2. Tofurkey Sesame Garlic Slow Roasted Chick’n


I just found the Slow Roasted Chick’n line in Whole Foods last week, and the sesame flavor makes for a ‘banging’ bagel sandwich. Add one of the cheeses and some sunflower sprouts, a slice of fresh tomato and some vegenaise, and you’re tongue will be melting.


3. Beyond Beef Feisty Meat Crumbles

meat crumbes

One of my staples. Cook these in a saucer with some olive oil, throw in some pasta sauce, and add to your favorite pasta. Amazing dinner in fifteen to twenty minutes.


4. Gardein Beefless Tips

meatless tips

Cook these the same as you do the meat crumbles, then throw in a mix of rice, stir-fry, veggies, or couscous. Savor the flavor.


5. Field Roast Celebration Roast

celebration roast

Pretty much everything I’ve tried from Field Roast is delicious. I highly recommend their sausages and burgers also. Cut this loaf into slices and throw it on a Foreman grill. Drizzle maple syrup on top and have with your blueberry waffles (with melted Earth Balance butter).


Honorable Mentions:


Earth Balance Vegan White Cheddar Mac N’ Cheese

 mac n cheese

Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy PB & Cookies


If you fuel your writing (or anything else) with vegan substitute foods, let me know what treats I might still be missing out on. Look for more posts about writing & food soon!

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One Thought on “A Vegan Writer’s Fuel

  1. Greetings,

    November marked four years as a vegan for me too! 🙂

    I thoroughly enjoy the Gardein, Tofurkey and Earth Balance brands. The best cheese substitute I’ve found thus far is the Daiya brand.

    I’m happy to know you are a fellow green fella.

    Please take a look at my audio books and let me know if you would be interested in a free sample of any of them.


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