The End of The Rain Trilogy

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who read these books. They were by far my most popular and successful stories yet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read reviews that have forced a big goofy smile to spread across my face. To get me to go hit the keys a little harder. That being said, there has already been some complaint as to the way the story ended. Let me get this out of the way up front—there will be some SPOILERS here. So please, turn away now if you plan on reading the stories and you do not want to know anything about the ending.

So, in response to those who claimed the story ended with things left up in the air, I want to offer my perspective on how Tanner’s tale came to a close, and some of the things that you may have already inferred on your own, but are the way that I see them. Before I continue, I understand anything is up for interpretation, but after all, I have been in her head for the past 9 months.

This story was always about surviving against a stripped down and brutal version of humanity. Couple that with the atrocious aftermath of the weather event, and you have the horrible conditions of this tale of two people trying to get to some place a little—nicer. That place has always been Leadville, right from the start. And in the end, at least one of them makes it to Leadville.

Yes, Tanner made it to Leadville. It wasn’t the first Leadville—the place shifted around some with evacuations—but it’s the elusive bastion of humanity Russell always wanted to reach. And she’s there. It may not fulfil all the legendary traits—such as no rain and such—but it’s a mixed bag of the good and bad weather, which is more than can be said of much of the middle of the country or the East Coast.

And no—they’re not going to kick Tanner out. That much is something I don’t feel bad about saying. Jennifer and Delly left after Russell did, once things got worse in Philadelphia. And they took the better route to Leadville. That’s all there was to it. Tanner and Russell, as they found out the further they went, took the wrong way. And it cost him his life.

But even though Tanner has done some of the things she shouldn’t have done—some of the things that will strip her of the veneer—she isn’t going to be rejected. Because to Jennifer, she is one of the few pieces of the past she cherishes. And there’s nothing to prove that Tanner was the one who ate those bodies on the ship. Besides, Voley promises her not to say anything. You can count on both of them being quiet.

Lastly, there is the equipment. What’s the deal with the equipment? It was some tech needed to reach satellites for a broader reach of communication, but it was destroyed in the plane crash. So was Delly. But Tanner had to lie to make it to safety. Will they find out the equipment is missing? Of course. Will they find out she lied about it? Not according to her promise to Voley. What excuse could she make up about why it’s missing? Does she even have to once she tells her story about the abduction onto the prisoner vessel? I don’t think so.

Many of you, as well as requesting a brand new post-apocalyptic story, also requested a direct continuation of Tanner’s story. For now, this is the best I can do. I have spent a long and gruelling 9 months in her head, telling her harrowing story. Does that mean I’ll never come back to her tale? No—it doesn’t mean that. But there are new stories I need to tell. And this one—the one about a journey to Leadville, is complete. One of them made it. That’s half of a happy ending to me.

As for the people who want pretty endings that are neatly packaged, all strings tied together, all futures laid out in secure fashion, that’s not The Rain. This story was never about neatly wrapping up a picture-perfect ending. How she fares on Pikes Peak is left to our imagination. What becomes of her, though I have my own insights on this, is something we can see how we want to.

This all being said, I hope you join me again on my next post-apocalyptic story, WIPE. I am really excited about this one. You can get the scoop on WIPE here.

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