The End of The Rain (Or, Book 1 of The Rain Trilogy)

***UPDATE: The Snow is now out!***
The Snow Cover Full Size

You might be pissed off with the way The Rain ended. I can already see the first complaints coming in–it happened too fast. Nothing was resolved properly, or neatly. What’s going on?

Here’s my clarification: I love telling this story. And it’s not over just because The Rain has come to an end. The sequel, entitled The Snow, will come out in January. The Snow will come in five parts, just like The Rain came in five parts. And the story will continue to follow the same characters as they make their push toward the warm and the dry. So you won’t have to wait long for The Snow – Part 1 to come out. I promise.

As for The Rain, now that it’s finished, I will be putting it out in a single book. I will mark down the price, so it’s cheaper if you get the entire book at once (by .99 cents). I know some of you may not like the serial publication format, but I love it. The reason I love it is because I can focus on each chunk of the story, refine it, and get it into my readers hands that much faster. And I promise you the model I’m using is not a scam (at least by my imagining). If you bought the whole book in parts, you spent $3.96. With Amazon’s royalties, that means I earned 35 cents on each dollar you spent. So, for each five copies of The Rain I sell, I earn $1.75 cents. Even though the final book will be cheaper to you, the readers (I’ll price it at 2.99), I’ll be able to earn a higher royalty rate. So I’ll actually do a little better selling the final book cheaper. I know, it seems like a paradox. But it’s true.

And now, for the cover reveal. I’ve decided to keep the covers for each part of The Rain the same for now, but the final book will have this new cover. I may make some final changes, but it’s pretty much this:
New Rain Cover

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