Publishing Again, Among Other Things

So it’s been a while. I haven’t been publishing or writing as regularly as I’d like. A lot of my time has been consumed making music actually (my other creative passion aside from drawing), some of which you can find here. Back in August, my consistency was to publish about once every 3 weeks. It went that way for a long time, but needless to say, I fell off. While I hope to get to that frequency again, I’m happy to report that two publications are underway in the very near future–WIPE 3 and A Taste of Tomorrow 2.

WIPE 3 will come out on June 20th and is already on preorder. As you might remember, things are going from bad to worse for Maze and Wills. Still, I think there will be some light (or at least flashes) at the end of this tunnel.

As for A Taste of Tomorrow 2, the first was such a success that I worked with some great post-apocalyptic authors to create another one. While A Taste of Tomorrow 1 was headlined by Hugh Howey, and as a result of his contribution and all the other all-star authors did really well, I’m happy to announce USA Today Bestselling Author Michael Bunker as the first entry in this new collection, sharing the boxed set with 8 other awesome authors. Some of us recently got together for a podcast, which you can listen to here, courtesy of the awesome Hank Garner.

If you’re interested in picking up the boxed set, it launches tomorrow at $1.99, has 9 books total (including my book The Rain, which I hope you’ve checked out), and totals about 3,400 pages when given a print count.

As for the rest of the WIPE series, I’ll put part 4 up for preorder shortly after part 3 launches. I’ve had a great year of ups and downs, and will be flying to Stockholm in about a week. During the summer (and having time off, one of the many great things about teaching), I plan on getting a lot of writing done. Signing out for now…

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