Advertising Your eBook on YouTube

In today’s post, I will relay my experience with advertising my book Darkin on youtube. I had the idea that I should try to seek out a Youtube Book review by an indie book reviewer, someone who would champion my cause, and help me to get some new readers. The first thing I did was Continue Reading →

The Best Places to Advertise Your eBook

So you’ve decided to go the indie route and publish your own novels. One of the most daunting aspects of the process is promotion. It takes time and money that could be better spent on the creative project itself. Hopefully, the latter is not really the case–the end result, at least we all hope, is Continue Reading →

How To Edit A Manuscript On Your Own

So editing is a very annoying process at times. It can be extremely frustrating. I am finishing the last bit of editing for the sequel to my novel and I’d like to share with you how I am enduring the pain. I am happy to say that after writing the first novel, the sequel was Continue Reading →

Three Obstacles for Indie Authors

How many times have you felt that if only you could muster the energy to write your book, it would be a bestseller? Now, let’s say you actually wrote your book; that had to be the hard part right? Think Again. While writing the book is one of the top obstacles for publishing success, there Continue Reading →