Eat Your Serial (The Overdue Comeback of Serial Fiction)

Black Hull Serial Fiction

Eat your serial, boy. Dickens Crunch. So about a month ago, wherever I turned online, I kept running into the notion that serial fiction is making a comeback. For those of you unfamiliar, serial fiction is fiction that is published by episode or part, in a small enough dose that the reader can fit each Continue Reading →

No Sales? Try Changing Genres

Joseph Turkot Top Horror Author

I have sold over two thousand free copies of Darkin: A Journey East over the past two months. That has resulted in very few sales for the sequel, Darkin: The Prophecy of the Key. And the sequel has received no reviews so far. Bummer. After I finished the editing for Darkin: The Prophecy of the Continue Reading →

Living Alone (A Short Tale of Horror)

Living Alone Turkot Horror Short Story

I am happy to proclaim, Living Alone, the second story in my Short Tale of Horror Series is now available in the Kindle Store. As the cover depicts, this story plays upon the fears of one who lives alone in an apartment complex, where during the night the parking lot stays lit by alien sunlight, Continue Reading →

Are You a Creative Clown Too? The Projects I Juggle

As of today, I am juggling several creative projects. So many things pop up, each an important creative endeavor in its own right, that it’s hard to set each other thing aside in favor of one, so that it is properly worked upon to completion with all speed possible. I know at least I have Continue Reading →

Why BookBub Won’t Accept My Book

BookBub has been called the latest and greatest thing in eBook advertising. The only problem is, they won’t accept my book. Maybe they won’t accept yours either. Here’s what I’ve learned in my first two attempts. I initially read about BookBub in an article by Lindsay Buroker. For those of you that don’t know her, Continue Reading →

House for Sale (A Short Tale of Horror)

House for Sale Horror Story

I’m writing tonight about the release of “House for Sale.” It is a short tale of horror geared toward people who believe they are safe in their suburban homes, living within the veil of security that is suburbia. The direct inspiration to write this short was a short story unit I was teaching in September. Continue Reading →

The 99 Cents Best Seller by TIME Magazine

The 99 cents best seller

Flipping through the TIME magazine that arrived in my mailbox yesterday, I came across a rather poignant article. It’s entitled, “The 99 Cents Best Seller,” and its subtitle is, “It’s easier than ever for authors to publish themselves–but tougher by the day to find fame. Inside the race to become the next E.L. James.” I Continue Reading →

Do Short Story eBooks Sell on the Kindle Store?

Darkin Short Story

Can you sell short stories on the Kindle store? We’ll get to that, but first: What a Thanksgiving weekend! I don’t ever remember the frenzy encroaching so closely upon the dinner itself, as it seems it will from now until forever. I’m sure a lot of potential customers were added to the arena with all Continue Reading →

Am I Allowed to Disagree with J.A. Konrath?

So, am I allowed to disagree with the eBook, Indie guru J.A. Konrath? After all, he’s made it, I haven’t. He has been prolific over many years (40 some books?), I’ve written two books. He has a long stretch of experience that has yielded extraordinary amounts of acclaim, money, and reputation. I feel as though Continue Reading →

How Important is Cover Art for an eBook?

DARKIN 2 COVER Art Prophecy of the Key

Listen–I want to sell print copies of my books, don’t get me wrong. But the market I am realizing as the source of prosperity is not the print market. As I have mentioned in earlier blog posts, I am modeling my authorial endeavor after the successes of Lindsay Buroker, who modeled her success after J.A. Continue Reading →