Indie Authors Find Readers On Goodreads

I am now convinced–indie authors find their readers on Goodreader. This site is amazing. I first learned about Goodreads from a technologically savvy coworker. He informed me that it was the social media for readers. I built a profile and used the site to add a bunch of books that I had read, thinking primarily Continue Reading →

Russell Blake, Author of Jet, Speaks Out

I have found a miraculous source of inspiration and indie author information that I have somehow neglected for the past six months of my publishing career. The place I’m talking about should be one of your new havens too: Kindle Boards Writer’s Cafe. When I first visited this place months ago, I never came back Continue Reading →

300 Indie Book Sales in a Month


So, about a half a year after deciding to try Amazon’s KDP program, I have been steadily increasing my book sales. I have also been steadily increasing the amount of digital shelf space I occupy (as suggested by one of the first indie authors whose blog I started to follow, Lindsay Buroker). I posted back Continue Reading →

A Bestseller Without Advertising: Elliott Kay’s Poor Man’s Flight

In my world, busy writing and promoting my scifi serial novel Black Hull, I happened across a successful scifi indie novel. Its author, Elliott Kay, was kind enough to answer some questions I had for him about the wild success his book Poor Man’s Flight has had. I was struck when I first looked at Continue Reading →

Use To Sell Your eBooks

Ads for Black Hull

I had never heard of Buyads up until a month ago when a fellow author named Mike Kraus e-mailed me. Now I’m selling more eBooks than I ever have before (don’t get too happy for me–the numbers are relative). Mind you, I’ve tried some other ways to advertise, and you can check my past blog Continue Reading →

Black Hull: Episode 2 (A Lost in Spacetime Thriller)

Black Hull Episode 2

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t yet read Black Hull: Episode 1, you will not want to read on unless you don’t mind spoilers. Black Hull Episode 2 is out! Below is a recap of Black Hull Episode 1, to be read as a refresher before you embark on the next leg of the journey. LAST Continue Reading →

Getting My First 100 eBook Sales Month

Author Rank All-Time

As one plods forth into the uncertainty of a writing career, it is important to set milestones which can serve as markers along the way. Several weeks into January, I realized I was in the position to reach one such self-created milestone: a 100 eBook sales month. I will briefly chronicle the road leading up Continue Reading →

Black Hull: Episode 1 (A Lost in Spacetime Thriller)

Black Hull Science Fiction Thriller

Out this week on Amazon, my new serial novel Black Hull: Episode 1 (A Lost in Spacetime Thriller). Check out the first episode, and be sure to read it before the episode two releases later this week. Black Hull is a lost in spacetime thriller, with strong elements of suspense and mystery. There are also Continue Reading →

Eat Your Serial (The Overdue Comeback of Serial Fiction)

Black Hull Serial Fiction

Eat your serial, boy. Dickens Crunch. So about a month ago, wherever I turned online, I kept running into the notion that serial fiction is making a comeback. For those of you unfamiliar, serial fiction is fiction that is published by episode or part, in a small enough dose that the reader can fit each Continue Reading →

No Sales? Try Changing Genres

Joseph Turkot Top Horror Author

I have sold over two thousand free copies of Darkin: A Journey East over the past two months. That has resulted in very few sales for the sequel, Darkin: The Prophecy of the Key. And the sequel has received no reviews so far. Bummer. After I finished the editing for Darkin: The Prophecy of the Continue Reading →