Living Alone (A Short Tale of Horror)

I am happy to proclaim, Living Alone, the second story in my Short Tale of Horror Series is now available in the Kindle Store.

As the cover depicts, this story plays upon the fears of one who lives alone in an apartment complex, where during the night the parking lot stays lit by alien sunlight, produced by street lamps. People come and go at all hours, but our main character here has a special reason to be concerned about her parking lot below. This, my second short tale of horror, works upon the psyche of one who enjoys the many liberties and comforts of living alone. All of us rely upon a certain feeling of certainty and security that can quickly become an illusion. Read on, and beware the pleasures of Living Alone.

Also, if you haven’t read House For Sale yet, check it out. I wrote a blog about that horror tale a few weeks ago. Read them both, and I hope you become a fan of this series.

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