Indie Authors Find Readers On Goodreads

I am now convinced–indie authors find their readers on Goodreader. This site is amazing.

I first learned about Goodreads from a technologically savvy coworker. He informed me that it was the social media for readers. I built a profile and used the site to add a bunch of books that I had read, thinking primarily of books that I loved, and so my shelf was filled with books that had 5 star reviews. Then, after some time, I forgot all about Goodreads. That was a couple years ago. Fast-forward to today: I am finally realizing that this is the best site to tap into a vast reservoir of readers.

It gets better–when you reach out via Goodreads, you can use their groups to find the exact audience your book targets. For example, with my book Black Hull, I scoured the sci-fi groups and found that each group has its own author/promotion bulletin. I started something along the lines of the following: I am looking for readers for my book, Black Hull. I am willing to provide copies to whoever is an avid scifi fan and would be willing to read and review the book. It wasn’t long before messages from devout readaholics started coming in.

Not only are Goodreads readers really into reading, which is exactly what indie authors need, but they are extremely helpful and willing to give new authors a chance. No one bucked at my request, and I only posted on a few of the thousands of groups that exist on the site. If I can continue to put a little work in on Goodreads, I now know the payoff will be great.

And there’s the kicker–it’s all about knowing where to put the time in, because hopefully, the majority of our time is sunk into our writing efforts. I now know that Goodreads is a great way to sink time. It creates new fans, and new reviews, and good feedback all around. Any criticisms that come at this point I will gladly take with open arms, because it is only through them that we can grow. I did try the Goodreads advertising in the past, and that didn’t really work too well. I bought $50.00 worth of ads, and it still hasn’t exhausted even half of it yet, several months later. But the effort from the ground floor, posting on the bulletins and interacting with readers, is already paying off. I even jumped into a Goodreads book giveaway, so I will report back on that soon.

Feeling very frustrated at my rejection from Bookbub, and knowing that they really want to see more critical acclaim, I feel as if I have found a way to get that acclaim, and eventually get the advertising it takes to really move some books. What better critical acclaim than to have boatloads of readers reading and (hopefully leaving reviews) who are fanatical about books? If you are new to Goodreads, or like me, chose to largely neglect involvement there for the time it takes, follow the following simple steps:

1. Get your author profile going.
2. Add your books.
3. Start haunting the forums for the genres that fit your book.
4. Kindly post in the correct sections asking for readers who would be willing to read and review your book. Tell them you’ll email them a copy if they are interested.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4.

The more time you put in, the more responses you’ll get. Goodreads and Kboards Writer’s Cafe are my new stomping grounds, make them yours too.

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