How Important is Cover Art for an eBook?

Listen–I want to sell print copies of my books, don’t get me wrong. But the market I am realizing as the source of prosperity is not the print market. As I have mentioned in earlier blog posts, I am modeling my authorial endeavor after the successes of Lindsay Buroker, who modeled her success after J.A. Konrath, an indie author all-star. Konrath, according to his blog, netted $100,000 in a month! While that is a wild success of which I could only dream (and luckily for me I’m in this more to have a conversation with a following of readers and have modest financial success), I still recognize the source of their prosperity: the online eBook market. With more and more ereaders coming out all the time (slimmer, faster, more attractive), this market should just continue to grow. And with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, and the distributive powers of Lulu and Smashwords, it’s a no-brainer.

So that brings me to our topic–how important is the cover art for an eBook? It’s pretty darn important. One can easily tell a shoddy, instacover from one that’s had some time put into it. Also, the cover is often the only thing, in addition to the blurb, that will cause a potential buyer to commit to your book. In fact, many people buy a book, or download it we should say, based upon the cover alone. That is why I have strived to spend a decent amount of time drawing and coloring my covers. I feel as creating my own artwork adds a level of appeal to my epic fantasy novel Darkin.

After a long process of sometimes agony, but mostly peaceful enjoyment, I have completed the finished version of Darkin 2’s cover. Here it is:

Now, I may still tweak the colors, and make it less vibrant, and some other final changes, but this is pretty much it. Is it as nice as the first cover, for Darkin 1? I don’t know–maybe not. But, I am hoping to catch someone eye long enough, with just a small, extremely miniature version of these images, so that they will read my story. In the end, after all, it is not the images, but the story that I want readers engaged in. But artwork adds an element of immersion, and acts as a catalyst for the imagination.

I am extremely happy to be DONE the long process of finalizing the artwork for the cover for book 2. And I do believe covers are very important for ebook authors, and indie authors in general. What I would advise for some of you that don’t have the money, even if you’re not a good drawer, is to invest time into learning Adobe Photoshop. There are some wonderful things you can do in Photoshop, and best of all, you can learn it easier than ever using Youtube tutorials. Need to know how to work on professional letters? Youtube. What about shading something better? Youtube. In fact, there’s no good reason we can’t all become more creative, and save money, by designing our own covers. Trial and error is a must–we have to be willing to scrap an idea once its done, realizing we’re better at our designing skillset once we’ve finished a concept, and would be better off starting it over. Again, this all takes time, but as indie authors we must potentiate every avenue possible for sales and success. An eye-catching cover is sure to do the trick, and could mean many hundreds of percent more sales than you originally would have generated with something generic, bland, or run-of-the-mill.

In other news–as I’ll blog about later–Darkin 2 will be released finally, at the $4.99 price-point, most likely later tonight, once I am home from work and can spend time finishing the formatting for Kindle. As always, the first edition of the series will remain free (I recommend you all to make your first book free, if it is intended to be a saga, to generate a reader base).

2 Thoughts on “How Important is Cover Art for an eBook?

  1. Your covers are really nice! 🙂
    I, too, am an artist (manga/comics mainly), and I realize the importance of covers. I’m very particular about what I want to convey for my story.

    • josephturkot on November 20, 2012 at 12:46 pm said:

      Thanks R. M. I agree with trying to convey a particular feel in our art. I have ambitions to do art for each chapter, but that would require so much more time than I have right now. Glad to hear you’re an artist too.

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