House for Sale (A Short Tale of Horror)

I’m writing tonight about the release of “House for Sale.” It is a short tale of horror geared toward people who believe they are safe in their suburban homes, living within the veil of security that is suburbia. The direct inspiration to write this short was a short story unit I was teaching in September. The subject: Edgar Allan Poe. Reading his stories (“The Black Cat,” “The Tell-tale Heart” and “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”), I was inspired to pen one of my own. But it had to be somewhat modern–and so to draw further inspiration I recalled the movies that scare me the most (in the last ten years): Paranormal Activity.

In an attempt to produce the fear I enjoy in the Paranormal Activity movies, and Poe’s interesting inner dialogues, I ran with an old premise that had been sitting in my head for some time: someone is out for a routine night walk, with their dog, and upon returning to their house, they spot a figure in the window. It’s a quiet street in a quiet neighborhood, where murder is unheard of. How will such a sighting unfold, and how would you react?

My good friend Frank Williams has decided to produce the film version of “House for Sale,” a short tale of horror, under his film company Double Windsor Films. The story will be free for two days this week (Tuesday and Wednesday), so snatch it up and leave a review. Hopefully you enjoy a scare or two while you’re at it!

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