Cover and Blurb Reveal for Neighborhood Watch (Mystery/Horror Novel)

I’m happy to announce the official cover and blurb reveal for Neighborhood Watch. The book will be coming out in the next two weeks, right in time for Halloween and the season of fright. If you enjoyed “House for Sale” and “Living Alone,” the two suspenseful short stories that had readers asking me for a longer story, here it is, one I think you’ll really love: Scroll down for the blurb and cover of Neighborhood Watch. If you haven’t already, sign up for the mailing list in the top right corner for notification when the book is released!


Fall, 1995.

Holson is a sleepy, middle-class suburb, whose most interesting news amounts to farmer’s markets and Friday night football games.

When young Brandon Grey disappears, no one thinks he’ll be missing for long. When another boy vanishes, parents begin to worry about their children. When bodies turn up in the local river, cut to pieces, stuffed inside industrial-strength black trash bags, the town begins to shut down.

The day that Brandon Grey is last seen walking home from school by teachers, two young boys are starting a street hockey game. A man stops at the end of their block, takes a picture of them, and drives off. All they catch is the model and color of the car he’s driving.

Jake and Colin, fueled by their ambition to form a detective club, decide to go searching for the car that haunts them. They soon take it upon themselves to find Brandon Grey. As tensions in town rise, and so does the body count, they find themselves deep in a mystery they never bargained for, closer to the serial killer than they could have ever imagined.


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