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Current Books and What’s Next

I write in several primary genres: Horror, Dystopian, Science-Fiction, and Fantasy. Because some of you might like one genre, and could care less about the others, I’ve made this outline of my available books, and what books are coming next in each genre. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my mailing list to get notified Continue Reading →

Black Hull: Episode 2 (A Lost in Spacetime Thriller)

Black Hull Episode 2

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t yet read Black Hull: Episode 1, you will not want to read on unless you don’t mind spoilers. Black Hull Episode 2 is out! Below is a recap of Black Hull Episode 1, to be read as a refresher before you embark on the next leg of the journey. LAST Continue Reading →

Black Hull: Episode 1 (A Lost in Spacetime Thriller)

Black Hull Science Fiction Thriller

Out this week on Amazon, my new serial novel Black Hull: Episode 1 (A Lost in Spacetime Thriller). Check out the first episode, and be sure to read it before the episode two releases later this week. Black Hull is a lost in spacetime thriller, with strong elements of suspense and mystery. There are also Continue Reading →

Living Alone (A Short Tale of Horror)

Living Alone Turkot Horror Short Story

I am happy to proclaim, Living Alone, the second story in my Short Tale of Horror Series is now available in the Kindle Store. As the cover depicts, this story plays upon the fears of one who lives alone in an apartment complex, where during the night the parking lot stays lit by alien sunlight, Continue Reading →

House for Sale (A Short Tale of Horror)

House for Sale Horror Story

I’m writing tonight about the release of “House for Sale.” It is a short tale of horror geared toward people who believe they are safe in their suburban homes, living within the veil of security that is suburbia. The direct inspiration to write this short was a short story unit I was teaching in September. Continue Reading →