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WIPE Part 4, and Why I Won’t Publish Serially

Update: Since this post, I have started to publish serially again with Cupid. Thankfully I’ve been able to write a lot, and will be getting Cupid out in regular intervals while working toward the traditional publication of The Rain.   The serial publication model requires writing consistency above all other things, and that’s something I Continue Reading →

Publishing Again, Among Other Things

So it’s been a while. I haven’t been publishing or writing as regularly as I’d like. A lot of my time has been consumed making music actually (my other creative passion aside from drawing), some of which you can find here. Back in August, my consistency was to publish about once every 3 weeks. It Continue Reading →

Meet Wills and Maze: WIPE – Part 1 is Live!

wipe part for facebook

I would like to happily announce the launch of WIPE, a new post-apocalyptic story. Part 1 is now live in stores, and links are below. If you missed the last post that provided everything you need to know about WIPE before diving in, check it out here. AMAZON US | AMAZON UK | OTHER CHANNELS Continue Reading →

After The Rain Trilogy: Introducing WIPE

WIPE cover

There was an overwhelming response to the poll I set up at the end of The Rain Trilogy. Many of you asked for a new story in a new world with new characters, written in the same captivating style that The Rain was written. Now, that new journey is set to begin. (If you want Continue Reading →

The Snow Has Fallen (The End of Book 2 of the Rain Trilogy and Other Ramblings)

The Snow Cover Full Size

It’s been months since my last post. So I figured, now that there’s been another book release, I should make an update. I guess I need to provide some kind of explanation—where have I been for all this time? Why no informative, funny blog posts? What about the secret workings of the underground writing laboratory? Continue Reading →

The Rain (A Post-Apocalyptic Story) Now In One Full-length Book

The final edition of The Rain is now available. It contains all 5 parts. It’s actually cheaper by .99 cents to buy the standalone novel, but part 1 of the serial will remain free, so you can try the story on for size before you commit. If you’ve read all the parts to The Rain, Continue Reading →

A Taste of Tomorrow – The Dystopian Boxed Set (11 Book Collection)

Dystopian Boxed Set Cover

I am happy to announce a very exciting collection of dystopian books. The release date for A Taste of Tomorrow – The Dystopian Boxed Set is slated for January 6th. Sign up to my mailing list on the top right to get a notification when it’s live. For now, drink in Jason Gurley’s brilliant work Continue Reading →

Current Books and What’s Next

I write in several primary genres: Horror, Dystopian, Science-Fiction, and Fantasy. Because some of you might like one genre, and could care less about the others, I’ve made this outline of my available books, and what books are coming next in each genre. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my mailing list to get notified Continue Reading →

Black Hull: Episode 2 (A Lost in Spacetime Thriller)

Black Hull Episode 2

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t yet read Black Hull: Episode 1, you will not want to read on unless you don’t mind spoilers. Black Hull Episode 2 is out! Below is a recap of Black Hull Episode 1, to be read as a refresher before you embark on the next leg of the journey. LAST Continue Reading →

Black Hull: Episode 1 (A Lost in Spacetime Thriller)

Black Hull Science Fiction Thriller

Out this week on Amazon, my new serial novel Black Hull: Episode 1 (A Lost in Spacetime Thriller). Check out the first episode, and be sure to read it before the episode two releases later this week. Black Hull is a lost in spacetime thriller, with strong elements of suspense and mystery. There are also Continue Reading →