Black Hull (The Complete Novel) is Now Available Everywhere!

I am so happy to finally announce the official release (the whole book edition) of Black Hull. As some of you know, the story has been serially published over the last six months. Many of you have been waiting patiently for a complete release though, and that’s what you can find now on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. Here’s the cover, followed by the blurb.
BLACK HULL COVER correct small

Imagine a distant future where technology’s inexorable advance has halted for all but the richest .1% of humanity. Indigents who still have it fly spaceships that are hundreds of years old, and entreat the help of robots that are relics of the past.

The wealthy, having achieved immortality through science, and secured total power through purchase of all government seats, spread and consume the last resources of the cosmos. The unlucky majority pursue one goal: The generational commitment to buying a ticket into Utopia—the virtual reality program that simulates what in antiquity was known as heaven. Little do they question the mysterious origin and purpose of their gloried destination.

For those who can’t afford to upload their consciousnesses into Utopia, and leave their physical bodies forever behind, there are few options but to live the life of an outlaw.

Eight hundred years in the past, Mick Compton is ripped away through a wormhole into the dystopian future of the Messier 82 galaxy. In a place where the only thing that matters is getting into paradise, he wants only to get back home to his proper place and time, to his wife and family, so that he can right the wrongs of his past. But Sera, a battle-hardened smuggler with plans of her own for him, won’t make it so easy.

And a darker agenda is at play in M82—the terrorist known as The Force of Darkness has reached a terrifying conclusion: Humanity is a virus, whose chance at equilibrium with its environment long ago failed. The only solution is complete extermination of mankind. After decades of surreptitious construction, FOD is nearly ready to detonate a quantum black hole with the power to consume the entire spread of the human race.

Will Mick succumb to the draw of Utopia and forsake his desire to return to a real family? Will FOD pull off the ultimate terrorist act and destroy humanity once and for all? Find out in Black Hull. Available now on iTunes, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

Some of you may wander–why is the book being released before all 12 individual episodes are out? The answer is simple–readers did not want to wait for each episode to continue rolling out. At a rate of one or two episodes a month, many people just give up and say, “Call me when the full book is out.” So, in answer to that, I’ve spent the last week finalizing the last portion of the book, formatting it neatly into its 84 chapters, and releasing it. I’ve also made some price changes. The first few episodes of Black Hull are now available free on Kobo and iTunes. I am working to get them free on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but it’s a bit harder, as those companies don’t let you choose to price something as free. In addition to making the early episodes free in the hopes new readers will give the book a try, I’ve also made Black Hull: The First Season 2.99, lowering it to make room for the complete novel. The First Season was a compilation of the first six episodes of the serialization. It may soon become obsolete and get deleted, time will tell.

What is for certain is that the final novel is finally out. I hope to hear from readers about the conclusion of the book, and hope to see some reviews start to pop up in support. As always, thanks to everyone who’s been a part of Black Hull, from the emails I’ve received to the Facebook messages. Thank you!

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