Black Hull: Episode 2 (A Lost in Spacetime Thriller)

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t yet read Black Hull: Episode 1, you will not want to read on unless you don’t mind spoilers.

Black Hull Episode 2 is out! Below is a recap of Black Hull Episode 1, to be read as a refresher before you embark on the next leg of the journey.


It’s time for Episode 2 in the Black Hull serial novel! If you don’t know the back story on Mick himself, go here and read the blurb. In episode 1, we found Mick waking up on an escape pod with barely any power. He didn’t remember how he got there. Worse yet, the pod’s computer presented the most frustrating problem ever–it kept on returning corrupt data, giving no explanation about what went wrong on the mother ship, Crake.

Mick soon remembered his mission: an ore run to the Zubenelgenubisystem. Trying in vain to figure out what went wrong, it soon becomes clear to Mick that the explosion meant that his crew was likely all dead, and that the precious ore they’d collected was lost to the vacuum of space. To make matters worse, the pod’s main engine thrusters and power were gone, likely in the explosion aboard the Crake. Looking at his computer terminal, and seeing that only a small percentage of total power remained, he had a tough decision to make: either lie in wait for rescue and let the ship use intermittent life-support to keep him alive for a longer stretch of time, or consume most of the power and conduct a deep range scan for any nearby ships.

Being aboard a black hull ship, the smuggling spaceships whose sole purpose is to avoid detection, and traveling in a space sector used solely by other smugglers, meant Mick stood little to no chance of finding another ship nearby. He decided to just go to sleep, and let the life support system gently nudge him into a cold death.

Waking up after drifting off, Mick sees something strange: His ship has full auxiliary power again. Someone has charged the pod. He immediately conducts several scans, but the malfunctioning computer returns a bad scan. Finally, when all hope is nearly lost, Mick runs one last scan. He sees an object detected on the screen. Low and behold, there is another ship nearby. There is one strange thing though: his computer is claiming the nearby vessel is a Light Dog One, a ship built hundreds of years ago. Even stranger, the Light Dog One is apparently being operated by an ancient droid, older than the ship itself.

Mick docks with the Light Dog One and meets XJ71. XJ71 informs Mick that he suffers from a droid disease called Alzeimagnetism, a robot form of Alzheimer’s disease. Not knowing if he can trust XJ, Mick begins to question the droid about how the Crake exploded. XJ doesn’t know anything about the Crake, but startles Mick with new information: humans are extinct, and time has stopped passing.


In episode 2, Mick will learn the true fate of humankind and find out if he has any hope of returning home to see his family again.

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