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Why BookBub Won’t Accept My Book

BookBub has been called the latest and greatest thing in eBook advertising. The only problem is, they won’t accept my book. Maybe they won’t accept yours either. Here’s what I’ve learned in my first two attempts. I initially read about BookBub in an article by Lindsay Buroker. For those of you that don’t know her, Continue Reading →

House for Sale (A Short Tale of Horror)

House for Sale Horror Story

I’m writing tonight about the release of “House for Sale.” It is a short tale of horror geared toward people who believe they are safe in their suburban homes, living within the veil of security that is suburbia. The direct inspiration to write this short was a short story unit I was teaching in September. Continue Reading →

The 99 Cents Best Seller by TIME Magazine

The 99 cents best seller

Flipping through the TIME magazine that arrived in my mailbox yesterday, I came across a rather poignant article. It’s entitled, “The 99 Cents Best Seller,” and its subtitle is, “It’s easier than ever for authors to publish themselves–but tougher by the day to find fame. Inside the race to become the next E.L. James.” I Continue Reading →

Do Short Story eBooks Sell on the Kindle Store?

Darkin Short Story

Can you sell short stories on the Kindle store? We’ll get to that, but first: What a Thanksgiving weekend! I don’t ever remember the frenzy encroaching so closely upon the dinner itself, as it seems it will from now until forever. I’m sure a lot of potential customers were added to the arena with all Continue Reading →

Am I Allowed to Disagree with J.A. Konrath?

So, am I allowed to disagree with the eBook, Indie guru J.A. Konrath? After all, he’s made it, I haven’t. He has been prolific over many years (40 some books?), I’ve written two books. He has a long stretch of experience that has yielded extraordinary amounts of acclaim, money, and reputation. I feel as though Continue Reading →

How Important is Cover Art for an eBook?

DARKIN 2 COVER Art Prophecy of the Key

Listen–I want to sell print copies of my books, don’t get me wrong. But the market I am realizing as the source of prosperity is not the print market. As I have mentioned in earlier blog posts, I am modeling my authorial endeavor after the successes of Lindsay Buroker, who modeled her success after J.A. Continue Reading →

An Advertising Review of Kindle Nation Daily and Kindle Fire Department

Sales for Darkin Fantasy

This past Saturday, I used Kindle Nation Daily and Kindle Fire Department to run ads. I chose the $30.00 FBH option for advertising on Kindle Nation Daily, and the $50.00 Kindle Freebie option for advertising on Kindle Fire Department. After the ads went live, I became severely depressed. My free epic fantasy Darkin was ranked Continue Reading →

The Wild Emotions of the Indie Author

I saw Lincoln last night in the theater. It was very good. This morning, contemplating my blog topic for today, a quote comes to me from the movie: “We are stepped out onto the world stage now.” It is true for us Indie Authors: We are stepped out onto the world stage, groping in the Continue Reading →

Will Amazon’s New Review Policy Kill Indie Authors?

To get my initial book reviews, I relied on friends and family. Some of them do not even know how to access, and so I have to personally show them the steps to take to get a review posted after they read my book. As of this writing, Darkin only has three reviews–that’s because Continue Reading →

Is Kickstarter Worth Doing For An Indie eBook?

I ran a Kickstarter campaign that ran from early October to early November. Was it worth it? The Kickstarter for Darkin was unsuccessful in fulfilling its financial goal. So was it still a total loss? In case you’re unfamiliar with Kickstarter, here’s a simple explanation: You post a creative project, such as a movie, book, Continue Reading →