An Advertising Review of Kindle Nation Daily and Kindle Fire Department

This past Saturday, I used Kindle Nation Daily and Kindle Fire Department to run ads. I chose the $30.00 FBH option for advertising on Kindle Nation Daily, and the $50.00 Kindle Freebie option for advertising on Kindle Fire Department.

After the ads went live, I became severely depressed. My free epic fantasy Darkin was ranked only 66 in the top 100 Free Best-Selling Epic Fantasy books on Amazon. I went on to believe that I must have exhausted my base of potential readers already, having run the Kindle Nation Daily FBH advertising several times before. I also thought that the advertising for Kindle Fire Department must not be that effective–after all, when I first used the FBH advertising on KND, my book went to number 27 on the top 100 list. Sigh…had I wasted good money spent elsewhere?

No. I hadn’t. What I came to realize though, is that there is a delay in reporting sales. At least that’s how I’m figuring it. I used Kindle Nation’s eBook Tracker to match my progress. I also tracked Lindsay Buroker’s novel Emperor’s Edge to compare my progress (Lindsay writes steampunk, whereas I write epic fantasy; she has a huge fanbase, whereas mine is fledgling). My sales tracker showed nothing very close to what I had imagined. As per usual, Lindsay’s book magically sold within the top 20 free epic fantasy books, while mine languished. I also would imagine her book is at the point where she doesn’t even actively advertise for it, because she has 4 sequels out. But–then it happened–I woke up Sunday to this:

Needless to say, I was happy. Hundreds of people had downloaded the book, as I soon found out upon checking Amazon Direct Publishing. My eBook tracking on Kindle Daily Nation looks like this as of this morning:

So I did rack up a lot of downloads, and as they say, when you break the top 20 list, many people begin to see your book and download it simply because of that–so I am hoping there is some residual sales momentum. Either way, I whole-heartedly recommend advertising with both Kindle Nation Daily and Kindle Fire Department on the same day. It seemed to work well.

In case you’re wondering what the rationale is for spending money to give away free books, the reasons are as follows: 1) It will help generate reviews for the book. 2) It will help build a following for the second book in the Darkin Saga, 3) People will begin to see Darkin in the recently bought books section on Amazon, and 4) It will boost sales of Darkin: The Prophecy of the Key when it is released later this month.

5 Thoughts on “An Advertising Review of Kindle Nation Daily and Kindle Fire Department

  1. Hey, congratulations on your free-run success! 🙂 How long did you have to wait to get an advertising spot in KFD and KND? To my understanding, neither of these places are no longer accepting advertising sponsorships right now. I assume it’s because they have so many already.

  2. josephturkot on November 19, 2012 at 5:39 pm said:

    You can still use these services. FBH is available any day of the week through an automated service on the KND website. As far as Kindle Fire Department, you have to send them a personal email requesting sponsorship. Let me know if you need further details and thanks for reading my blog!

  3. Now I remember why I never went with KND. The requirements were really intense. Your books have to have a 4-star rating or higher just to be considered.

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