300 Indie Book Sales in a Month

So, about a half a year after deciding to try Amazon’s KDP program, I have been steadily increasing my book sales. I have also been steadily increasing the amount of digital shelf space I occupy (as suggested by one of the first indie authors whose blog I started to follow, Lindsay Buroker). I posted back at the end of January about my first 100 indie book sales month, and since then I’ve continued to work on marketing and writing when I have time, primarily on episodes for my Black Hull series. And speaking of that, I have to finish episode 6 and get it out (sorry if you’ve been patiently waiting!).

As usual, I’ll show pics of the progress I am making, and include one awesome new site to promote with called Author Marketing Club’s Free Book Promotion Tool. Let’s start with this free book marketing tool. It was really easy to use and effective for me, and if you choose not to spend any money, you don’t have to. Simply click on the above link, scroll down to the rectangular boxes, and go through each link systematically and enter your book’s KDP free days. Once in awhile, I would spend ten or fifteen dollars on a feature when it was an option. After using this tool for a two day run of Black Hull: Episode 1‘s last two free days, I received a thousand downloads. This sparked a bunch of readers to download the second, third, fourth, and fifth episodes in the series. I also did a listing with that tool for my perma-free book, Darkin: A Journey East. It definitely helped spur a bunch of downloads for my sequel, Darkin: The Prophecy of the Key. The book sold over 20 copies last month, which is a marked improvement, and it is selling continuously better all the time, which gladdens me, as I feel it is better than the first book. Today I woke up to the book’s second five-star review: Thank you C.J. Holmes, you made my day!

Onto some pictures of the progress I am making, which as usual, I hope to serve as a way to measure the progress you’re making in your own work.

Here’s the status of Black Hull during the two days of the promotion done using the Author Marketing free listing tool. Notice the book has achieved top spots in both its categories. Also, it received six reviews in addition to the one it had at the time.

During the Ides of March, my book sales helped me gain a spot as a top 8,000 author on Amazon.

And onto the sales sheet for America (notice 300 sales doesn’t mean you make a lot of money!)

So, instead of just running your promotional free days and getting 40-50 downloads, which happens in some of the genres I write in, take the time and fill in all those free submission boxes. It takes a good hour, but it is definitely worth it. Recently I came across two new tools, which I’ll write about in future blog posts and let you know how they work out: eBookBooster and BookGorilla. As for April, I hope it heralds more readers for all of us.

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